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Stones Black Series by IND190

Lots of requests I received for making this theme. Finally I finished my work. I paid off all debts of my theme.

I still use acidsonic icon set, though well-worn but I think it’s great icon for permanent use in my theme.


Stones Black V1 = Blue elements (request by Aliken)

Stones Black V2 = Red Elements (request by Madjid, Azabin, etc)

Stones Black V3 = Gold Elements (request by Ricky Tandriono, Toni, somebody / sorry I forgot)

Stones Black V4 = Grey Elements.

Sorry I did not have time to make a preview for the 3rd edition, which will as usual my themes can be used in any type of 3rd edition and 5th Edition.
Custom Icons (for 3rd & 5th Edition):
Default Icons (for 3rd & 5th Edition):

Stones Blue Touch by IND190

This theme requested by dearest brother Mad73, donvito, ernadr, etc.

Hoping you all really like it.

This is my last theme. I have planning to stop making theme for a while.

This is just one of my hobbies, which I would now feel satisfied because I already know the tricks in making the theme through the carbide. I hope one day I can still make free theme again with the concepts and ideas more fresh

Stones Blue Touch by IND190 (for 3rd & 5th Edition)


Stones Blue by IND190

Thanks to God I found this beautifull walpaper from my old collection in my laptop.
I’ve got this WP one year ago from great site devianart.
This Wallpaper made by greatest walls maker in the world dearest friend DONVITO.

First time I’m using AcidSonic icons set.
more than 500 3rd parties icons modified and mixed by me.
(I will share my 3rd parties this icons here later depend on request by email, and I wish it will help for young theme maker to making themes using this icons set completely).

New album music art by me

Thanks to all for always supporting me directly or indirectly

for 3rd & 5th Edition :

for E Series :

PS :
CI = Custom Icons
DI = Default Icons


Brownies by IND190

I really like the elements color of this theme. So hard to make this match with the background.

Touch Icons mixed by sky, zylam marex.

Special thanks to Flahorn who makes wonderful original touch icons.

Walls by dearest brother King (Bro, finally I have to crop and cutting this image)

Transparant Walls for 5800 by dearest brother DiabolikN80

Hope you like it too…

3rd & 5th Edition :

E Series :


Red Curtain by IND190

So many people asking me to make Red Themes. And this Full Red Themes!

All Elements still same with my last theme, just a little recolor for adjusted with Red.

Still modified travis icons by me

Wall by dearest brother zagato

addition wall for 5800 by dearest brother diabolikN80

I hope you like it!

for 3rd & 5th Edition :

for E Series :


King Curtain by IND190

More Fresh Theme from me with More new elements.
All elements created by me
Modified Travis Icons set by me
Walls by Dearest Brother Kingwicked
Addition Wall for 5800 by Dear Tehk7

For 3rd & 5th Edition :

For E Series :


Snow Leopard Update by IND190

This is Update version, best for N97 with adding New Widget in idle background.

No update for other version so you can use old version
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