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Oil Green 2.0 & Silhouette Walls testing


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New Oil Green 2.0 preview

Oil Green 2.0 preview.
Completed with more than 500 3rd parties icons

Test New silhouette Walls for Oil Green


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Just Colors Series Vol. 2 by IND190

Still using seven extended icons by Tehk7

Themes only for FP1, FP2. and 5th Edition
Dark Layer (Blue)1.0_FP125_IND190

Dark Layer (Blue)D 1.0_FP125_IND190 (Default)

Dark Layer (Orange)1.0_FP125_IND190

Dark Layer (Orange)D 1.0_FP125_IND190 (Default)

Dark Layer (Pink)1.0_FP125_IND190

Dark Layer (Pink)D 1.0_FP125_IND190 (Default)


Nexus 1.0 by IND190

Background by donvito62, icons using seven extended by Tehk7

Themes for Pre-FP1
Nexus 1.0_PreFP1_IND190

Nexus D 1.0_PreFP1_IND190 (Default)

Themes for FP1, FP2, 5th Edition
Nexus 1.0_FP125_IND190

Nexus D 1.0_FP125_IND190 (Default)

Themes for E Series
Nexus 1.0_ES_IND190

Nexus D 1.0_ES_IND190 (Default)


Just Black (Blind) Update

I have very bad connection here, I will attach the link tomorrow

Update for N97 and Omnia (But still using Original Highlight (Black))

Just Black 2.1_FP125_IND190 (Only Ultra Icons available)

Just Black (D) 2.1_FP125_IND190 (Default Icons)

Update for All devices (New Light Highlight)
For FP1, Fp2, 5th Edition

Just Black 1.2_FP125_IND190 (T7 Icons)

Just Black 2.2_FP125_IND190 (Ultra Icons)

Just Black (D) FP125_IND190 (Default Icons)

For Pre-FP1 and E Series
Just Black 1.1_PreES_IND190 (T7 Icons)

Just Black 2.1_PreES_IND190 (Ultra Icons)

Just Black (D) PreES_IND190 (Default Icons)


Just Black by IND190

Themes for FP1, FP2 and 5th Edition
Just Black 1.0_FP125_IND190 (Tehk7 Icons)

Just Black 2.0_FP125_IND190
(Ultra Icons)

Just Black (D)_FP125_IND190 (Default Icons)

Themes for Pre-FP1 & E Series
Just Black 1.0_PreES_IND190 (Tehk7 Icons)

Just Black 2.0_PreES_IND190 (Ultra Icons)

Just Black (D)_PreES_IND190 (Default Icons)


Elements Shared (Part 2) by IND190

Element Shared (Part 2) by IND190

This elements used in my Bintang, Oil Green and Just Colors Series


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