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New Series (Testing & Preview)

New Series, coming soon
Finished for S^3, now i m doing for other version
Don’t worry, It’s Free!
Hope you like it  πŸ˜€

28.02.11 Should i have to remove the top bar in “menu” because 5th now have N8 style layout and top bar version have a conflict with N8 layout on 5th? 😦
or maybe the CFW maker should update thair cfw? πŸ˜€

 See the picture on above (top). Left image from Nokia default cfw on 5th and my themes looking good. but Right image is from X6 with N8 cfw.
Now all themes for S^3 and 5th finished, but i have to edit all themes if you want me to remove the top bar in menu. Please suggest………….

01.03.11 New tested and preview on S^1.
Tested via RDA on E5, E72, N96 and N82

01.03.11 Final tested on pre-fp1 (N73)
All themes finished, will release this week.

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3D Wallpaper for C6/N97 by Sudestada

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Fluorescent Walls by Sudestada & Rozzerx

Fluorescent walls by rozzerx
Fluorescent walls by Sudestada
Bonus Fluorescent colors by Sudestada
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Fluorescent Series by IND190

i always have limit connection right now, so i will attach the files soon
themes compatible with all symbian, bonus fluorescent blue for pre-fp1
fluorescent for S^3 (default icons version)

fluorescent for 5th (default icons version)

fluorescent for 3rd & ES (default icons version)

fluorescent for MR/Pre-fp1 (bonus)

Fluorescent Blue with custom icons HERE (NEW!)

fluorescent red for S^3

fluorescent red for 5th

fluorescent red for 3rd & ES

fluorescent yellow for S^3

fluorescent yellow for 5th

fluorescent yellow for 3rd & ES

thanks to neonbuddy aka pranav vashi for built my personal site. And because of him i have my own domain now.

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Moving ahead…

Now we are another step ahead,
we have shifted from
to our own Domain!

Expect more new features sooner!
We always like to read from you,
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DAS transparent Walls by Sudestada

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