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embossed series (premium)

available soon

Embossed Blue (S^3, Anna, Belle, S60v5)

Embossed Red (S^3, Anna, Belle, S60V5)

Embossed Orange (S^3, Anna, Belle, S60V5)

Embossed Mint (S^3, Anna, Belle, S60V5)

Embossed Velvet (S^3, Anna, Belle, S60V5)


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Embossed (premium)

Feel the difference, this theme will make look difference of your device. Compatible with all S60, S^1, S^3 and Symbian Anna.


I also sell a TDF project of this theme is only 100 euros, complete with full vector background, icons, elements.
if you’re interested, pay through paypal and send a copy of the billing to my email.
Available TDF for S ^ 3/Anna, s60v5, FP2 S60V3, S60V3 FP1.


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Indonesia Flame (Free!)

to greet the day Indonesia’s independence, we are proud to present professional quality themes Indonesia Flame with shine anna icons and very light weight elements. Compatible with all Symbian device.

available soon

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