Symbian Themes – FAQ

Here is a short list of the most common certificate problems that you might encounter while trying to install themes on your Nokia  phones and a few tips on how to solve them:

Expired certificate error!

This is one of the most common problems that you might encounter when trying to install a theme on your Nokia  phone. Usually this problem is solved very easily. When your phone gives the “Expired certificate” error just click ok and change the system time of your phone to one year in the past for example 2011. Then try installing the theme again and if this time you get the “Expired certificate error” again well try changing the year to 2010 (very unlikely), but if this doesn’t help… well you are just not meant to install this theme.

Certificate error. Contact the application supplier!

If you have tried to install an application or a theme but instead been greeted by the above “Certificate error. Contact the application supplier” message, this is how you solve the problem. Find the application manager on your phone “App. Mgr.” usually located in “Settings” or “Tools”. Open it, select “Option” then “Configuration” or “Settings” depending on what version you have. Then under “Software installation” change the “Signed only” to “All” and you are done.

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