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Premium Black by IND190

Premium Black Themes by IND190

Premium Black_PreFP1_IND190 (for Pre-FP1 (Bar Version))

Premium Black_FP125_IND190 (For FP1, FP2, and 5th)

Premium Black_FP125-Omnia_IND190 (For Omnia, also can be use for FP1,Fp2 and 5th_

Premium Black_ES_IND190 (For E Series)

Walls by Zagato

240 x 235

for 5th phone

for Omnia

Walls by Kingwicked

I Add this Walls later…..

Operator Logo by JiomAk

Logos for S60V3

Logos for S60V5

Fonts used in my themes by Victchung : Caviar Dream, Elegance, Elegance Light

Update “Call Image” for FP2 and 5th in above

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